have a positive effect on student achievement, there remains a controversy about why and how various cooperative learning methods affect achievement and, most importantly, under what conditions cooperative learning has these effects” (Slavin, 2015). The aim of this research is to determine the effect of motivation, IT literacy and cooperative learning strategies to learning achievement of high school students. Effects of Collaborative Learning on the Achievement of Students with Different Learning Styles at Qatar University (QU) ... collaborative learning had a significant effect on the students' proposal writing scores. This study investigates the effects of jigsaw cooperative learning on the achievement and knowledge retention of 80 final-year Vietnamese mathematics students, as well as reporting their attitudes toward this form of learning. The study was carried out with "pre-test -post-test control group experimental design". his/her friends in learning and reinforce his belief and self-esteem. For this purpose, mixed method was used. These tertiary students were divided into two matched groups of 40 to be taught by the same lecturer. Stanne, 2000), the effects of cooperative learning on the academic achievement of students with learning disabilities (Nyman & Fuchs, 2002), the effects of cooperative learning on achievement in comparison to competitive and individualistic methods (Johnson, Maruyama, Johnson, … ioural consequences of cooperative learning contexts on students’ achievement goals and emotional learning. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the effects of an eight-week cooperative learning intervention on physical education students’ task and self-ap-proach goals, and emotional intelligence. Students took a pretest and post-test to assess the effect of The effects of cooperative learning on student motivation, attendance, and achievement were investigated in a school age GED program's science lessons. College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan Abstract Following study is an effort to determine effect of cooperative learning method on students’ achievement in subject of Education. with the cooperative learning method. In particular, the study addresses the effect of cooperative learning on students ï achievement and their views regarding the îSystems in Our Body unit of the 6th grade Science and Technology lesson. This study aims to: 1) describe the effects of cooperative learning (CL ) on achievement motivation of female college students, and 2) compare the difference in the achievement motivation between the female college students learning through cooperative learning and those learning through the traditional learning pattern. This study discovers the effect of cooperative learning (CL) on students’ achievement and motivation toward computer science at secondary level. In the experimental This study aims to reveal the effect of cooperative learning method on students' academic achievement and attitudes towards mathematics in primary school fourth grade math class. The study underscores a cooperative learning approach’s ability to provide students … Effects of Cooperative Learning on Students’ Academic Achievement Fariha Gull* University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan Shumaila Shehzad** Govt. THE EFFECTS OF COOPERATIVE LEARNING ON THE CLASSROOM PARTICIPATION 241 in the structured cooperative learning groups that replicated the framework outlined by D. W. Johnson and R. T. Johnson (1999). The study is Students took a pre-survey and post-survey to assess the effect of cooperative learning on motivation.