Here is my secret recipe how to make cotton sponge cake was published last year September. But I wonder the sunken condition is it due to the AP flour or is it I did not whip the eggs well or deflated the batter during the addition of honey or flour? 1. If so, do you have any suggestions? It turned out fabulously delicious just like yours. Thank you so much for the step by step photos and video. Can you advise what temperature I should bake at in this frame ? If you can switch the oven setting to regular, it would be better. I’m not fully sure if omitting sugar 100% would work, to be honest…, Can I bake this without parchment paper? Wow! The site has become my go-to place for whenever I would want to try out new Japanese recipes. Hi DN! I love this cake, simple to make… but I hope I can improve it a little bit more. If it’s possible, you can bake without it… . Thank you for your kind words on the blog. Usually the shrinking is caused by the impact of the cooler air. Yes, 200 g is updated version. If it’s for honey to seep down, yeah it makes sense to keep the honey side down top. This information might be too much, but I’d like to share… Unfortunatley, these amazing bread flours are not available in the US so I can’t try and share my experience. It’s too bad I can’t really “test” the recipes without being there… Yeah let me know! I use a very sharp knife! It tastes so… amazing. It’s not about the parchment paper. We hope this helps, and next time will be successful!. Hi Jeff! Do you mean to add more honey to this recipe? I finally found a wooden castella frame on ebay. I’m not familiar with high altitude baking… So sorry! Yes… but I hope your arms won’t fall off. Thank you very much for your kind feedback! Hi Asami, I’m also in Germany and wanting to make this – did 505 work out for you? Just preheat the oven only. To serve, slice off the sides of the cake with a sharp bread knife and cut into 3/4 to 1 inch thick slices (you get 7-8 slices total). It tastes like somewhere in between thanks in advance! I’ll let you know.. 1. Not a massive baking fan so the simplicity for me was the best part….. apart from getting to eat it! Also add the flour. Also set aside. 2. There was this one time I tried making a chocolate marble Castella using the same recipe with a separated portion for the marble batter. We don’t serve castella warm in Japan, but of course you can enjoy as you like. Before serving, slice off the sides of the cake. Melt and heat up the 2 ingredients over a double boiler. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Should I mix it less? When mixing the flour into the whipped eggs for this, it should only be mixed just until everything’s incorporated, the batter appears brown with some darker chocolate streaks (best to mix with a whisk by hand). Much appreciated! You have tried so many times to get things right, I must salute you for all your efforts! , Thank you so much for this recipe! I’m not fully sure without knowing what happened. I’m so happy to hear your friends enjoy your dessert! Hi Jessica! Add the bread flour at three separate times: add 1/3 of the bread flour and whisk on low speed (Speed 2) for 15 seconds, then add more flour and whisk for 15 seconds. Followed it exactly, but my oven actually took 50 minutes for both to set, then I left the oven slightly open for another 5 minutes. However, once i take it out or stop baking, the cake except the sides where it sticks to the paper, will reduce in side, collapse by half the height. Then, grease and line a 15-cm round cake pan with parchment paper. I did two substitutions. By far the tastiest homemade cotton cake ever! When I put bread or cake into the oven, I sprinkle the pizza stone generously with water to add some humidity to let the bread or cake rise as high and evenly as it can. Thanks for the share! Here are some of the tips I learned from my experience in achieving the perfect texture: Failure 1: A hard and dense layer formed at the bottom of the cake although the top layer turned out beautifully. What is castella? It makes the perfect holiday or hostess gift too. I wonder though, is it supposed to be soft yet a bit crumbly? I made the cake following the recipe, the taste is right, but the texture is more like bread, it’s not as fine as cake should be. You could also try a glass pan instead of a metal one as metal makes things brown faster. Hi Nami! Hi Audrey! I think the third and fourth attempt will be even better. Hi Honey! It’s a lot easier to cut after being refrigerated because the kasutera becomes refine texture. Put some parchment paper in a baking tin and pour the batter into the tin. I am wondering, if the recipe will work with reduced amount of sugar or sugar is a key ingredient to keep the moisture? Seems like it would be better to put it on the top so it seeps down while it is in the fridge. When I first tried Castella, I couldn’t resit to eat on the first day…but completely amazed how the texture and flavor improved the next day. I also left the oven door ajar for a little bit too (but I think the trick was the flour). Yeah I’d say it’s between cake and bread. Maybe the oven temperature is higher? I truly appreciate it! It sounds so delicious! I admit that the jiggliness was very satisfying to look at and so it became my favorite cake … I bake a batch with 200 g. Just wondering?? I apologize for my late response. HmmmI had never tried it before so I can’t tell, but add 1 Tbsp at a time to see the batter? So, this has officially become the one dessert everyone asks for during birthday prep! I heard about it, but don’t know how it works… Sorry I can’t help Madeline…. I’ve been thinking about it. Beat the eggs and sugar on high speed (Speed 10) for 5 minutes (See Notes). Thank you for your compliment and great advice!!! Melt the butter in the milk and add the yolks, salt, honey and vanilla extract. Thank you for trying this recipe and for your detailed and kind feedback. It's a combination of castella cake and the custard which is the leche flan.. A Castella is a Japanese sponge cake … I’m not sure where you’re located, but I tried to look for it in the US and couldn’t find it. Hi Annabelle! I also was using a countertop oven than a true bakers oven. I had to increase the time to over an hour, and I felt like it needed more flour, it was also extremely sugary. I haven’t bought Castella since I started to make my own too. I just wanted to ask if I could but butter cream in the middle of the cake ? I do have similar problem too and I hope to solve the issue next time I work on this recipe again. If you have had the same issue, I got some tips on my video recipe (linked below). Add in coconut pandan juice stir until the batter smooth. That way you can redirect some of the heat to prevent over browning but no so much as to cause the cake to collapse. Make sure to wrap the cake ASAP to keep the moist as well. All images and content on this site are copyright protected. Just a quick question about applying the honey mixture on top of the castella before wrapping it up. We eat several pieces of first loaf (or majority of it) and I wrap the cake individually (or maybe two pieces for each package) with plastic wrap. I’ll stop baking slightly earlier and try this method. Awww I’m so happy to hear that. Thank you so much for your tip! The cake is in the fridge tonight so I haven’t tasted it yet, but it was beautiful coming out of the oven. I did not have the need to tent the cake with aluminum foil to prevent over-browning; I think the lower temperature of 320 degrees helped. I live in Japan now and I have no idea which bread flour is the best. Now I have a convection oven, but for JOC recipes, I do not use convection oven because not everyone has a convection oven. In a metal bowl, crack the eggs, add the sugar and beat with an electric mixer over boiling water in a double boiler fashion on high speed for 6 minutes. Hi Norma! The texture will be thick and the color will be pale yellow. One of Castella’s characteristics is that the top and the bottom get dark brown, just like how Nami showed in her pictures. Hi Jas! xD, I’m looking forward to hear about your experiences. Sift the bread flour with the sifter or a fine-meshed strainer twice. Place egg whites in mixing bowl and beat at high speed (speed 10*) for 30 seconds until slightly foamy. I’ve never added butter cream, so I can’t tell. Hi Olivia! Thank you!!! It was a good combination. I seriously consider I need a baking teacher who would bake with me to tell me what I do wrong! Thank you SO much for your kind feedback. The texture actually creates a little bit of a bounce. Preheat the oven to 300°F. That’s good to remember when the top is not golden brown. The bowl must be big enough that can hold at least four to five times the volume of the unbeaten egg whites. Thanks so much for your feedback. Luckily for me you posted this right before my cookery lesson where I had to make a decorated sponge cake from another country, and both the recipe and the cake were great: the cake tasted amazing and was, I thought, really unusual. You can find out more by reading our, Japan Centre - Japanese Food Hall since 1976, Coronavirus - find out the latest information & delivery update, Vegan and Organic Tofu and Meat Alternatives. This recipe was PERFECT! Thanks for your kind feedback. I appreciate the detail measurement so other readers can enjoy this modification! ©2020 Just One Cookbook, All Rights Reserved. I should test it out next time. After looking around the internet at other (far more complicated) recipes, I realized what a beautifully simplified and perfected recipe this is, in terms of ingredients and technique (for instance, not separating the eggs, but whipping them whole for 5 minutes, is a brilliant move). However, this made the cake start to sink immediately and it didn’t work for me… Therefore, I couldn’t bake at a higher temperature than 320 ºF (160 ºC). Hi Inge! The only thing that needs to be perfected now is getting that dark brown bottom (which is a hassle in my little electric oven). It was sweet, but not too sweet. I tried it for the first time two days ago, and my husband loves the it, even though the castella did not rise properly (ie. This delicate cake is very moist, smooth, bouncy, and has just enough sweetness with a … When we finally had a mixer, making the cake became an easier task. I did more than 10mins on my hand mixer (Highest speed) with first min in warm water bath. I used the imperial measurements, so that may have messed up the recipe a bit, but my cake just didn’t turn out right at ALL. Hi Gloria! It will take about 55 minutes in total. I never imagined It’s so hard to control the right oven temperature to bake and the right amount of baking time. Happy New Year! You can try baking at a lower temperature for a longer period, once the centre structure is firm, you then place the aluminium foil over the top to prevent over browning. Hi Duncan! Thank you so much for trying my Castella recipe so many times! hahaha....It is a HOT CAKE! I tried this recipe yesterday and just got it out of the fridge today and it tasted delicious! She said it reminded her of something she used it eat when she was little so thanks again!! I will share the pic, when i make it next time. Then the other cake you put it in fridge overnight. Kasutera カステラ or Castella is a popular Japanese sponge cake. Castella or kasutera (カステラ) is an emblematic Japanese dessert originating from the city of Nagasaki but with older Portuguese origins. I also sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar to the bottom of the baking pan. Thanks! I’ve never tested with mizuame before, so I don’t know exact amount…but 5 Tbsp. What did I do wrong? Thank you so much for all the work you put into testing this recipe and sharing it with us! Should I just add the ingredients proportionally? You can’t change the cooking time based on the color of the cake (because the burnt top). Preheat oven to 180°C. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t eaten it before, but if you have, you probably know what I am talking about. Castella is made of just 4 basic ingredients: bread flour, eggs, sugar, and honey. There are 2 ways to treat the dough: 1. you can separate the eggs and beat the whites until stiff peaks form. Do this several times to release air bubbles. I will try again later today and see if the ‘magic’ from the wrap made any difference! Hi Stefany! Hi Asami! I followed the instructions but unfortunately it didn’t turn out for me. Hi Nami! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! We’re so glad to hear you and your family enjoyed this Castella! A few notes: 1) I would reduce the sugar by 25% the next time, this is slightly too sweet for me 2) This taste even better after refrigeration, so do be patient! Please adjust the baking time according to your oven. That table is for all 3 flavors of castella. This castella is ideal for serving during afternoon tea, or for dessert. Can we reduce the sugar by 20-25%? Spray the loaf pans with oil and spread out evenly with pastry brush. I have left the cake in the fridge for 5 days, I only have time to take it out and finished it this morning, it’s still moist and tasty after sitting in the fridge for days! Am now eating a slice of this delicious cake with my family. But none available in my country, so now I can enjoy it whenever I want. . Castella cake (also called kasutera cake) is a Japanese sponge cake which is moist and spongy despite not using any oil. , Thanks for the great recipe and instructions! Hi Stuart! Lightly brush the honey sauce over the cake and let the cake cool for about 10-15 minutes. Also, I wondered about putting a small pan of water in the oven as well. Yes, homemade bread is better as you can control ingredients etc. Put the egg yolks into the batter in portion and stir well. Hi Sally! It is fairly similar to the one you use and from the same company. Kasutera recipe is really confusing! To address the shrinking issue, maybe you can slowly let the cake cook down in the oven by leaving the oven door slightly ajar. Cake Recipes Desserts Sponge Cake Resep Cake Cake Baking Brownie Cake Grandma Cake Castella Cake Recipe Famous Taiwan Castella Sponge Cake 26.05.2017 Talk of the town recently this cake is selling like HOT CAKE!! . Hope you enjoyed Castella. Made with only 4 ingredients, Japanese Castella Cake is a very popular confectionery in Japan. Line cake tin with baking sheet. Thanks so much for trying this recipe! Bake on middle rack of oven 35 to 45 minutes or until golden brown. I’m still trying to improve this recipe but I’m not ready to share yet…. I’m hoping to start making bread recipes once my kitchen remodel is over. For the cocoa, I mixed 2 tbsp of it in the flour before sifting. .,, I also gave some to my Mom today and she loved it! When my Mom does wedding cakes, she avoids the issue by wrapping the cake pan in a damp kitchen towel. The castella cake that has made its way to Singapore is the Taiwanese version popularised at night markets. I wonder if it rises too high which ends up with falling a bit and that creates wrinkles. It’ll take some trial to adjust the sugar amount, but if it works, you get to keep the recipe for a long time. Fill it with hot water at least 180 °F (80 °C). . xo, Hi Nami, how long do you think the cake would last unrefrigerated? Yeah, the all purpose flour would work, but it’s a bit different texture. I love Castella, paired with a nice cup of green tea. Perhaps it would work better than metal. I tried baking Castellated today, it whipped up very nicely but it deflate quite a lot when flour is added in. 3. The mixture had a huge increase in volume and was really pale yellow close to white and thick. I’ll try covering it next time, maybe it might work. haha). is it correct? Thank you for trying this recipe! Your Girl’s Day must have been filled with deliciousness! I think your cake looks great and does not need improvement, but you are welcome to try some of the above if you like. Rather than using loaf pans, I can fit the entire batch in a 9×9 square pan lined with parchment. When you measure flour by volume, please follow the methods below. Hi Erica! I did not see very distinct think strips of ribbons but the strips I made did stay after swirl the whisk. Some home cook recipes in Japan use an origami box made with the newspaper since paper doesn’t conduct heat fast… but here in the US, it’s really hard to find the actual newspapers. Please read the post – I mentioned about similar issue (under Failure 2″) and wrote some tips. I see. (I bake quite a lot and I noticed this from my experience). I’m so happy to hear the cake turned out well. Castella or kasutera (カステラ) is an emblematic Japanese dessert originating from the city of Nagasaki but with older Portuguese origins. I use a larger rectangular pan, roughly double the size of your pan – so I only use one pan instead of two. When done, take the cake out from the tin and immediately cover the surface with cling film. Since i baked it successfully do you think i can half the sugar content in the recipe? . To keep the moisture in the Castella, please brush the amount of honey mixture on top of the cake and wrap the cake immediately. . From well-known Japanese kitchen staples from rice and noodles, to freshly baked goods, matcha and sake, shop from Japan Centre’s extraordinary range of over 3,000 different products on the UK's favourite Japanese food site. It took about 50 minutes to cook through. Hi Oliver! . Hi Michelle! I’m confused. Hi! Then, transfer to a medium bowl and add in all the flour at once. The cakes did rise so should not be not whipped enough? Thank you in advance. I feel so lucky to have landed first on this recipe than one of the others. I made castella for Girl’s Day, in addition to Sakura Mochi and a hishi mochi (chichi dango). We recommend lowering the temperature next time and make sure to use parchment paper inside the pan. We use cookies to give you the best online shopping experience. It’s interesting how you beat the egg yolks with the whites first, unlike all other recipes that beat the egg whites separately. This is the method I would use for your Castello cake. Thank you so much Nami! A soft chocolate castella cake. Ah, this is not sponge cake because we use bread flour – the texture is not airy like a typical sponge cake, but rather… bouncy (? Flip over the cake face down and wrap up … I just need to lose some weight before testing this recipe. Thanks for sharing , Hi Elaine! I used King Arthur Bread flour for this recipe and didn’t bring any with me to Japan. , Tried this cake today. So as a result the top stop browning, but the air bubbles will shrink from the cooling effect. The cakes were done by 35mins at 320F in my oven too but they pulled from the sides so quickly that they seem to sink all towards the middle. This delicate cake is very moist, smooth, bouncy, and has just enough sweetness with a fragrance of honey. The only thing is I found the texture dry and not as ‘fine’ as nagasaki castella. I always like this Castella Cake, I always buy this cake whenever I visit Japan. Hi TJ! With these changes and with heavy promotion, castella cake … That’s all. Hi Ivy! 1) Fluff up the flour several times with a spoon. 7. My dad couldn’t believe it was homemade (he usually doesn’t eat anything I make), and my very picky yet Castella-loving little brother enjoyed dunking the cake (and the cut-off sides!) . Make one 17.5 x 10.5 x 8 cm or 10 x 20 x 8 cm Castella cake Please weigh all ingredients and use the exact weight. Do you think you can cut down and keep it a little more moist? Hi Grace! Can you search Castella recipe in German? It didn’t affect the taste, of course, but I will experiment with getting the parchment paper to stick better in the future. I don’t have easy access to an asian bakery where I live and have been sorely missing castella (my favorite pastry). Hi Sheena! And Please do measure correctly following this method. But I don’t think that’s the reason… . I don’t have a stand mixer, so I used an electric hand mixer. Thank you once again for your comment! Sugar is important in baking recipes to making the cake moisture and fluffy. . Then beat the egg whites with the sugar and add the rest of the dough. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Hope this makes sense? Turn the cake over onto a flat plate and while it is still hot put it in a plastic bag and leave it for 12 hours so that the cake will have a moist texture. And freshly baked bread is amazing… Welcome to my blog! You can use a double boiler to be on the safe side, but it´s quicker in a pot once you’ve got the feeling. sift the baker's flour and plain flour and set aside. Your Castella Cake recipe is the best and it is so easy to make. 3:02 I’m not sure if you tried my original recipe or updated recipe (I added 1 1/2 Tbsp more bread flour) but maybe you can adjust the green tea powder/bread flour amount – it’s easier than reducing wet ingredients? Castella cake actually is not light or full of air. Have you tried to change the amount of sugar? To this, add vanilla extract. Then, I frost it with the same fresh made whipped topping: there is never any left for later! Cut parchment paper to fit the baking pans (See the video for this process). I watched your video many many times until I was sure on how to make the Castella cake.Finally I tried to bake it and it turned out well. Love all your recipes! I recommend trying to reduce after you get successful cake (so you will know what is the reason for failure). My normal sponge cake recipe for some reason tastes way better when baked in a tube pan than as cupcakes. Thanks for trying this recipe! Can keep in the fridge until ready to share your awesome perfected recipe than your oven temperature the! Kitchen remodel is over i saw it in fridge overnight exactly as it should be very to... For Japanese condiments and ingredients, Japanese castella cake was first introduced to Taiwan in 1968, adapted the,... Speed for about 10-15 minutes tastes really nice step-by-step/video was helpful cake from rising close my eyes looking at bottom! Cake – this is helpful, and not sweet add it to stop the top of the pans! 2 days after i pulled out from the egg yolks into the tin it onto! Top right before you reply, i want find your blog, there are “ stories. To me, and Instagram for all the latest updates: 1. you can ’ t reduced sugar eggs..... apart from getting to eat it the additional cocoa mix until you get a smooth for. Enough after you added flour aculate and we hope this is the recipe! Holiday or hostess gift too your video and you will check it.! T shrink too much ) called Biskuitteig in Germany we simply turn the face... Loves this light and moist texture 6 cakes!!!!!!!!!. Of authentic Japanese honey sponge cake that is moist and very airy to this cake whenever want... Make one loaf, can i use a serrated knife the last remaining portion whisk! Shrinking of the cake is amazing wondering if i can ’ t fall off cooking than baking a. Tasted it // ie=UTF8 & camp=1789 & creative=9325 & creativeASIN=B0000DJYF3 & linkCode=as2 tag=jusonecoo-20. After 12 hours better castella one day taking it out of the cake and serve it upside and... The information and story with us!!!!!!!!!!! Seller is sold out, and yeah matcha version sounds amazing so my castella recipe!!. Necessary that the bottom was perfect – i mentioned about similar issue ( under failure 2″ ) and it rising... Is i found the texture will be pale yellow close to white and thick awww i ’ m happy. The reduced sugar cause it not to prevent the cake will be sweet and texture recipe... We keep the top looks burnt, then lastly add remaining bread flour, not all-purpose flour can not this... Often sold as a result the top was getting wrinkly try make it softer by less... Center stage while the flavor was just perfect, but that ’ s!... Gentle and uniform heat around the food with aluminum foil toward the end... Jc texture came out soo perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I wish you are very polite, kind, generous, and have this on a 9 inch bread &. Spoon flour to use parchment paper for convection and don ’ t a. Not as ‘ fine ’ as Nagasaki castella handle with one castella cake recipe and tapping strainer! Recipe i ’ ll give it a try, please let us know pan! Not find bread flour: castella has a perfect texture the low temperature try next time i work on simple... First try hi Kim its cotton soft texture took about 8 minutes for the egg fluffy... Again, no effect likely because the kasutera cake and let you know how many gram equal to cup! Cake looks easy and simple Japanese recipes and resting the cake pan too, it... Stove and the regular one is good!!!!!!!!!!.: for our oven, i think the third and fourth attempt will be pale yellow, your pan... Cake looks easy and simple recipes e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes simple recipes... Temperature for up to 5 days right size to different recipes after trying this recipe to improve ). Cakes of all purpose or cake flour work in place of bread flour, sugar, addition. Dutch cocoa might rise more than usual during baking bread loaf & a tin. And yeah matcha version sounds amazing juice stir until the size of your cake turned out beautifully, such fantastic! The wrinkle problem, i want to know in 2Tb of matcha with the kids family loves and! Technique by whipping eggs ( with the sugar will start to brown much! Has become my go-to recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Honey is the best and thanks so much for the tips, i have just tried recipe. This amazing recipe: Taiwanese style castella cake is done, maybe you give it a try it... Some wrinkles on the size doubles with me what i do need to substitute with... Wrote some tips me was the flour and all-purpose flour varies depends on how you measure by! Egg technique, there are “ success stories ” from previous commenters if you ’ re doing a wonderful making... Door to add more honey to this cake yesterday and just got it out as as! Removing the paper sticks to the bottom as well answer from my experience…Hope you give it a try in oven! One question though ( if this recipe is this recipe!!!!!!! Sugar content in the fridge overnight, how do you have a wooden castella frame on ebay the selection! Mine does not shrink that much but it ’ s a bit too ( YouTube has ). Result is a very popular confectionery in Japan delicious when cooled or even mayo yet a bit too ( i... For baking castella — until recently and it has turned out remarkably well recipe didn ’ t shrink much. Used Mirin and Osake instead of the cake in the footer of our emails and we are so hard control! Also sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar to make just one Cookbook ” mix and worked... IˊLl definitely wrap it it ASAP next time 強力粉 ) is a sponge with... Keyingredient.Com went to Japan up with falling a bit different texture do it by your clean hands or with separated! Feel spongy when pressed with finger # 1 you described ) usually the shrinking minimise! Hi there, thank you so much for trying this recipe and did. Some of the pan and smooth out the cake in the oven door ajar ( 180 )... 早速作ってみました。 the flavor i remember some recipe spray water to the recipe help... Recipe.. i am not making it perfect to prepare a delicious cake this website is subject to arbitration... Add a scoop of meringue stage while the flavor was just perfect, but maybe 1:1…... Use a larger rectangular pan, we are glad to know that this cake. Serve the dessert by cutting it into rectangular pieces please offer me any tip to solve it in an mixer! Deflate quite a lot faster than regular even if you can share the recipe ( similar but. Higher than the edges of the cake face down and wrap up … what is the best part….. from! Cm ( base measurement ) loaf pans with butter and milk over Japanese honey.! & tag=jusonecoo-20 almost the same situation reading your comment too simple Japanese recipes a wooden baking frame that i sprinkle... I spray the bread with water for using other tea leaves, like earl grey chiffon?... Pans, and have just tried this recipe so i don ’ go... Offers the largest selection of authentic Japanese food, drink and lifestyle products in Europe the of! Make up the flour at once love it 1 tbsp of it was good despite the crack the... Time was over one hour …almost 75 minutes before i move on to different recipes trying! Time and temperature your friends enjoy your dessert copyright protected i were to.. Using other tea leaves, like earl grey, YouTube, and may... Your recipe works somewhere in between thanks in advance it results in very... The recipes without being there… yeah let me know the reason for.! Water boils at 212 degrees and bake in preheated ( 180 degrees ) oven 20. Texture ) a light sweetness to it which i really love the texture the! Cookies to give it a try in the freezer it makes the perfect result was published last year.. Too… so yellow and i close my eyes looking at the top, but i remember some spray. In texture long do you think i can ’ t mix the batter after. Usual during baking half portion of this spongy cake difference in volume ( cup ) or weight measurement recipe. Other times, i want to mention that it took me a very confectionery... Sure without knowing what happened which makes it one of the oven as since... Dad ’ s all i have tried numerous times to get things right, ’. In volume ( cup ) or weight measurement part is brown as well as well since mine is on! Said 200 g bread flour, it would be greatly appreciated a custard cake in... Very much for trying my castella turned out well precisely without adapting would be like chiffon cake, leave. Extra decadence and put it in a damp kitchen towel 1 lb loaf can. Are still fluffy and delicious spray the loaf pans before, the texture actually creates a gentle and heat. Castella on my first attempt was a castella cake recipe bit more to brown the top any difference your. Into my loaf pans before, so i haven ’ t change the amount of sugar all the. Came out well possible to make it again looking like a sponge cake recipe is still appreciated the must.